Workshop: Essential CSS for designers

This workshop is for:

→ Designers who regularly work alongside developers.
→ Designers asking the question: should we know how to code?
→ Print designers switching to digital medium.

Topics that will be covered:

→ How to inspect websites we like - plugins, Chrome Inspector
→ How to modify CSS properties inside the Google Chrome Inspector
→ CSS Box model: Margin, padding, border
→ Using root em + using Relative Units
→ How type (including variable type) gets defined for different breakpoints
→ How background images scale
→ How content images scale
→ CSS blend modes and filters
→ Image optimizations
How to define grids - specs
→ How min-width, max with, min-height and max-height help responsive layouts
→ How to hand off some of these specifications to a developer

Requirements for participating in the workshop:

  1. Laptop
  2. Codepen account
  3. Figma account

Seats and registration: Workshop is open for 8 participants only.

Contact details: For information about the workshop and tickets, call +91-7676332020 or email

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