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Aayush Arora


Scaling CSS with ITCSS

Submitted Aug 5, 2018

Are you fighting with your own CSS? Have you always felt a need for an Architecture in your CSS files? ITCSS provides you an architecture to deal with the cascade & specificity for scaling CSS. In this talk, you will learn the seven layers of ITCSS, transforming the way you write your CSS files


Scaling CSS seems challenging but can be super easy with minimal efforts of setting up a right Architecture. ITCSS is an architecture based on seven layers from settings to trumps that is used to scale and maintain CSS Applications. The inverted triangle approach helps us to write highly maintainable code with minimum overwriting. This talk will focus on the layers of ITCSS using Motley, an Open source framework based on ITCSS.

In this talk, Aayush will share the challenges he has faced while writing CSS for his company and how he came over those challenges by designing Motley.



Knowledge of SCSS is an advantage.

Speaker bio

Aayush is a Udacity certified Front-end Developer. He is a Front-end Engineer and Instructor at Coding Blocks and currently Mentors at Udacity for global nano degree programmes. He is an active member and contributor in Open Source Organisations such as NASA, FOSSASIA & CloudCV. He has a passion for sharing knowledge and has been featured as the first guest author on Google Codelabs this year. If you want to talk to him, you can anytime challenge him a chess match.

    • Talks at FOSSASIA Summit 2018, Singapore
    • Talks at FOSSASIA Summit 2017, Singapore


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