Meta Refresh 2018

Meta Refresh 2018

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Sudhanshu Shekhar


Payments - Past, present and future

Submitted Nov 1, 2018

Learn how the current payments system evolved over the last 10,000 years. About what role UX plays in the adoption/rejection of an innovation. About the latest trends affecting the payments ecosystem.
This talk has no pre-requisites. The first 20-25 minutes will cover everything needed to understand the current ecosystem. We will be covering various innovations happening in this space, the impact of design in increasing this adoption and how you, as an individual, can contribute.



History and evolution of the payments ecosystem (25 minutes)

Learn how we evolved from the barter system to the modern day complex payments stack.
Includes: credit theory of money, first banks, first credit cards etc

Current state of the system (15 minutes)

How does the current ecosystem work?
What is an acquirer, issuer?
What’s the different between VISA/Mastercard/Paytm/Rupay/NPCI?

Upcoming Innovations (20 minutes)

What counts as in innovation in the payments landscape?
Why the next 10 years could change payments as we know it and the impact UX can have in influencing this trend.
Crypto - can it succeed?


Recommended reading.
Getting involved.



Speaker bio

I am an ex-software developer (WalmartLabs, Headout) and entrepreneur (Indoclinic, Learnharbour).
Currently working as a technical product manager with the banking team at Zeta (FinTech). I am deeply passionate about the impact UX and technology can have on the payments landscape. This talk is an attempt at sharing this passion with others.


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