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Meta Refresh 2018

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Souvik Basu


Let's have a Conversation about Conversational UI

Submitted Oct 11, 2017

For decades GUI has been the de facto standard of user interface to computer and mobile applications. But with developments in Wearable devices, AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Understanding and Speech technologies, Conversational UI is changing the way users interact with the system. It makes way for a more natural and fluid way of communicating user intents to the system and receiving responses back from it. Imagine your users being able to “talk” to your application. Yes, creating J.A.R.V.I.S. of Tony Stark is quite a possibility today. The Apps integrating themselves to a Conversational UI will get the leading edge in this competitive market. I am totally invested in this technology these days and have hosted India’s first Conversational UI meetup group in Bangalore to play around with the technology and its supported devices. In this talk, I will explain what is Conversational UI, why does it matter, it’s design principles and how most ecosystems created by Google, Apple, Amazon, IBM and others are moving towards it.


  • What is Conversational UI and why does it matter
  • Live examples in market
  • How does it work
  • What are the companies invested in it
  • What are the good practices and design principles of a Conversational UI
  • My experience of working with Conversational UI

Speaker bio

Souvik is a full stack JavaScript developer with over 14 years experience in the industry. He is currently working with Tesco Bengaluru where he is helping ramp up teams on React ecosystem. He has worked with ThoughtWorks and Symantec Corporation in past. He is totally invested in Conversational UI these days and talks in meetup groups and dev conferences on the subject.



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