Meta Refresh 2015: Delhi Run-up

Data-centric mobile web design

Amit Ghasghase

Your First Step into Optimization - How to test things that matter?

Submitted Mar 8, 2015

You will learn how to get the data to help define a test hypothesis


As websites become ever more complex and elaborate, the number of avenues which may or may not result in higher conversion rates just keep inching up. The key to a successful optimization strategy is to separate the fluff from the stuff that matters.

This session will explain the methodology, a budding optimization specialist needs to adopt if they want to run a successful optimization campaign.

I will explain how an optimization specialist can conduct research to understand qualitative insights that will enable them to create suitable hypotheses to be tested.


A willingness to learn and an open mind

Speaker bio

I’m a Product Manager at Wingify. I am responsible for design, development and success of new products.


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