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On the construction of user interface on the web

Madhusudan Khoradiya


Windows 8 UI for <Designers and Developers/>

Submitted Dec 18, 2013

The main objective of this session will be providing a light on Windows 8 UI development for the Developers as well as the Designers and how both of them can work together and make a good UI.


Well Windows 8 is very much new to the market and no one has the perfect idea about how to make the good looking UI. So This ssession is basically good for the Designers as well as the Developers who are trying to study Windows 8 UI structure.

In this session the target audience will be from basic to intermediate to expert.

The main aim of this session would be having a more good knowledge for the developers as well as the designers on Windows 8 UI development as well as the strategies that they can follow while designing and developing it.

Speaker bio

I am a good enthu developer with good knowledge on all the leading web technologies.
In my career I have created so many milestones till now by developing Responsive Web Testing Tool, Jquery plugin Starter and many more more for my Company.

I have a good Experience of 4 years on web technologies and right now working for windows 8 UI development and Designing.


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