Meta Refresh 2014

On the construction of user interface on the web

Selvaganapathy Kaliamurthy


Fluid Mechanism in Web.

Submitted Nov 10, 2013

Responsive web design made the application to render in multiple devices. Though application works smooth in desktop, running the same in mutiple devices is always a challenge.

In this talk, I would be focusing on designing a web-app, that runs fluid across multiple devices and making your application, ready for the future.


Everyday, new devices with different capability and new interaction changes the user experience of web. With the raise of responsive web design, the same application is rendered across multiple devices with different user interaction.

There is challenge involved in how to make the Responsive web application running fluid across multiple devices. This talks broadly covers design your webapplication to run silky smooth and make ready for future devices using CSS.

This talk covers will cover the following points

1.How a few change in the way CSS architectured,could boost the front end performance
2.Simple CSS techniques which helps to run app jank-free on multi-devices/platform and future ready
3.Intro about tools used for jank busting.

Speaker bio

An UX Engineer, currently associated with Cisco Systems(Video Technologies Group),And an Invited Expert in HTML working group at W3C(World Wide Web Consortium).

Apart from love on HTML5/CSS, also quite passionate about UX, Accessibility and usability.



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