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swapnil mishra


Flex your layouts and designs with CSS Flexbox

Submitted Jan 3, 2014

Flexbox is the next big thing that has happened in CSS world in recent times. This talk will aim to introduce and demo the CSS Flexbox and how it can solve so many CSS layouting issues without hacks.


From ages CSS has been lacking any concrete layout techniques whether its about creating grid layout or changing order of elements. In fact many a times we have to rely on JS to tweak elements at run time to get the desired layout. Thanks for Flexbox now we have answer to these and many other issues which couldn’t be solved easily with CSS till now.

Talk will cover :

  • What is flex box.
  • Why is it needed.
  • What problems does it solves.
  • Demo showing applications of Flexbox.

Speaker bio

Front end guy who started with Flash long time back but settled into the world of HTML,CSS,JS now. Have worked with CISCO, Responsys as front end dev for over 3 years. Currently working on my own stuff. Few years back got special interest in CSS and it has fascinated me till now. Like working on end-to-end apps with JS/NodeJS/MongoDB.


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