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On the construction of user interface on the web

Souvik Das Gupta

Souvik Das Gupta


Embracing Progressive Enhancement

Submitted Jan 6, 2014

To understand the principle of progressive enhancement, and to adopt it in everyday web design/development.


We are perpetually on our toes to absorb the latest technologies that power the web and make use of them in our projects. However, in doing so, we often overlook and break the principles that the web has been built on over the past two decades. Even if we choose to turn blind towards philosophies, standards or doing things the right way, we simply cannot ignore the proliferation and diversity of devices and user agents today.

This workshop will revisit the spirit of the web — understanding what makes the web special and how to embrace the principle of progressive enhancement to build robust websites. We shall create a very simple project starting from scratch and build it in layers so that the final code works flawlessly across many different systems and devices — both feature-rich and featureless.

“The best way to be future-proof is to be backwards compatible.”


This is going to involve writing code. It is expected that participants are comfortable with front-end syntax (HTML, CSS, JS) and should carry their laptops.

Venue should have a projector and a working internet connection. The network configuration should allow laptops and devices to access websites running on the local network.

Speaker bio

I am a co-founder of Miranj, a web design studio in New Delhi, and have been making websites for a few years now. I am a programmer at heart, love music and a foodie who prefers coffee over any other beverage.



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