Meta Refresh 2014

On the construction of user interface on the web

Srihari Sriraman


CSS Driven Design

Submitted Jan 11, 2014

Explore the extent to which you can let your CSS take control of your design process.


There is a scientific process to design. And there is originality and art.
There is room to exploit the scientific process to automate some part of our design workflows.
This talk hopes to inspire the listeners to push the boundaries of letting CSS drive the design.

In the projects I’ve worked on, I’ve noticed some patterns in the design outcome based on the CSS. A clean CSS codebase tends to reflect a clean design. I intend to take concrete examples from my work, and showcase the patterns I’ve noticed.

In the talk, I’ll be taking a deep dive into the following:

  • More maintainability means more reuse. And repetition is good for design.

  • Growing bigger with Repetition and How to write maintainable modules in CSS

  • How to write base styles in CSS that will improve your design

  • Minimalism in CSS, and it’s reflection on minimalistic design

  • Taking advantage of the latest Specifications and CSS preprocessors to drive design

In many ways, this idea is a work in progress. It will have it’s rough edges.
I hope to bring forth a cohesive set of arguments to drive this concept.


The radical design thinking mind

Speaker bio

Srihari worked with C42 Engineering for more than a year, and is now a partner at Nilenso. He is an engineer, with 4-5 years of ad design and 2 years of professional web development experience.

Srihari is a FOSS enthusiast, Gnome, and Gimp lover. He contributed to eclipse in GSoC’2011, made a spotlight-like tool for gimp, and contributes design occasionally to diaspora. He practices minimalistic and user centric design for the web. He loves products and seeks the thrill in solving people’s problems. He blogs, plays basketball, and performs carnatic music ocassionally.


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