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Foundation 5 - WorkShop

Submitted by Ishan Vyas (@aspricot) on Friday, 20 December 2013

Section: Workshops Technical level: Intermediate Status: Rejected


Workshop on Building responsive/MobileFirst websites and Applications with Foundation Zurb. -

Hands on experience with rapid prototyping as well as giving a brief about why Foundation is the best responsive framework and a detail look at the code.

Foundation is used by some of the large industry players such as WSJ, National Geographic, Mozilla.


Why Foundation ?

  • General Description
  • Faster to Learn
  • Semantic
  • Mobile First
  • Customizable
  • Built on Sass
  • Why Not Twitter Bootstrap?
  • Support

Hands On:

  • Brief About Framework
    • Setup
    • Structure (Media Queries, Visibility, Grid, Block Grid, Thumbnails, Utility Classes, Right-to-Left Support)
    • Navigation
    • Media
    • Typography
    • Forms & Buttons
    • Callouts & Prompts
    • Other Content
  • Rapid prototyping Session
    • Building a live website (includes a complete customization)
    • Integrating Javascript features
  • Hacks
  • Q&A


A laptop with any web editor is all it requires.

Prior knowledge of basic html and css is must.

Speaker bio

I have been developing websites/applications from past 7 years, have worked on as large project as blogs for "GSM World".

I have been using Foundation since its version 2, have designed more than 100 website on it. The largest one being the website was launched successfully but they sooner realized that they dont need a responsive website so its not live anymore.

I also run a small company of developers and designers who share the same passion for web and Mobile. -

We have started using Foundation as our default responsive framework at Aspricot, until client specifies that he needs twitter bootstrap.


  •   Arpan CJ (@arpancj) 6 years ago

    Sounds like a good workshop topic.

    I’d recommend including intros on the latest versions of both frameworks, Bootstrap & Foundation and a comparison between the two – mainly because there will be a lot of users familiar with Bootstrap - before digging deeper into Foundation and customization.

  •   Ajey Charantimath (@ajey) 6 years ago

    Hi, I would be interested in attending the workshop. Could you please give me the registration link?

  •   marketingsupport 25 days ago

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