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Benjamin Lupton


Why the next big thing sucks

Submitted Dec 11, 2012

We’re coders, not hipsters. We’re here to change the world, not be swept up by change.


Each day, a new library, tool, framework, blog post, whatever comes out. The amount we sometimes feel expected to learn can be overwhelming at times. How on earth can we ever earn the big bucks and be an expert at something, when the somethings keep changing!?!

In this talk, I’ll break down why getting caught up in the latest trends may be detrimental to your health. How slowing down, with a big idea, and a lot of effort over time, will bring amazing things.

It’ll cover questions like:

  • What should I learn, am I learning the right stuff?
  • Why are there soo many similar projects, can’t there just be one?
  • Why are more or less projects good or bad?
  • Why do some projects get insanely popular and then phaze out, while others continue to gain popularity over time?
  • Do I really need to learn the next great thing? What should I learn? Where should I even start?


Tissues, in case this breaks you out of the hipster mindset.

Speaker bio

Benjamin Lupton is the founder of Bevry, a Sydney based company dedicated to empowering developers everywhere. His open-source javascript and node.js projects are some of the most popular in the world, even 37Signals and Microsoft uses them. Besides work, he drives his family nuts with questions of life.


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