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Benjamin Lupton


Why Open-Source

Submitted Dec 11, 2012

To educate and inspire people on the open-source mindset.


Open-source has the potential to change the world. It isn’t just about putting code on github, but about improving the foundations that the world is built upon - something that can only be done together, through sharing, collaboration, joy and enthusiasm.


  • Should we open-source? Is it just a fad or does it go back further?
  • Why are we already doing open-source? Why are people driven to release their stuff for free and help each other out?
  • Why do companies open-source? Isn’t open-source risky? What about their business value? Could open-source actually be beneficial commercially?
  • Why are closed-sourced mindsets becoming outdated in this modern world? Why are patent lawsuits prolific? Is this a dying trend, what causes this?
  • Why send pull requests, and why github verse the others?
  • And most importantly, why you?


Alive humans would be nice, dogs will also do.

Speaker bio

Benjamin Lupton is the founder of Bevry, a Sydney based company dedicated to empowering developers everywhere. His open-source javascript and node projects are some of the most popular in the world, even 37Signals and Microsoft uses them. Besides work, he drives his family nuts with questions of life.


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