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Shyamala Prayaga


Mobile Accessibility - Challenges and Best Practices

Submitted Jan 7, 2013

One of the main goals of this session is to create a cross-disciplinary platform to bring together all individuals and practitioners interested in designing or improving the accessibility of mobile interactive systems, environments and contents.


Mobile interaction presents challenges that go beyond the traditional desktop contexts. These difficulties become even greater when considering people with various functional disabilities or people without disabilities that experience situational impairments. Additionally, mobile devices and interfaces have been evolving at an astonishing rate which leads to increasing difficulties in maturing the field and consequently to ensure accessibility by different people and under different circumstances.

In this session we will learn

  • Why mobile accessibility is important
  • Mobile Web accessibility challenges and solutions
  • Mobile Web Standards and Guidelines
  • Evaluating Mobile Web Accessibility

and more

Speaker bio

A passionate user experience evangelist who wants to spread awareness about usability/UX and accessibility in India and make it a standard than just a process.

I have worked with various organizations like AOL, Mindtree, Yodlee etc. Presently working with Amazon for their next gen products.


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