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dominic travers


Less is More: Learning from mobile apps

Submitted Mar 10, 2012

To inform though case studies and best practices in mobile app design, ideas that can now be realised in the mobile browser.


The sophisticated mobile web is upon us. HTML5, Less CSS etc enable great browser based experiences.
But taking the content and navigation structures of desktop sites and squeezing them in to the small screen rarely delivers a good user experience. The native mobile app ecosystems have spawned the greatest revolution in UX design in the history of the web. This session will run through case studies of what makes the mobile app so compelling, and highlight how this can be brought in to the browser.


Projector, sound, stereo mini jack input.

Speaker bio

Dominic is India Business Development manager for global mobile software agency: Pocketapp. He is also the founder of the mobstrategy consultancy providing insight in to defining, developing, and marketing products to mobile phone users. Drawn to the enormous potential in the Indian mobile markets, he is a resident of New Delhi. As an advocate of a free and open internet, Dominic is involved with the Centre for Internet and Society and the Liberty Institute in India.

Dominic has two decades of experience at the bleeding edge of web technologies with a focus on usability. Working with the provision and development of mobile data services for the last 8 years, he has seen the constant coming and going of mobile platforms in both the enterprise and consumer space. Working with Telefonica/O2, Microsoft, Orange FT Group, Carsonified, Droidcon, & Future Platforms, Dominic has lead mobile software projects for the BBC, Sky, Sony Music, Berg, and many others.


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