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Anand S


Visual design for non-designers

Submitted Mar 15, 2012

You’ll take home a simple set of rules and tools on visual design that you can’t go wrong applying.


There are some simple, non-intuitive principles of design that most non-designers are unaware of, around choice of colours, using white space, typography, alignment, etc.

Some examples of questions we’ll address are:

  • What’s a good line height? (Hint: it’s proportional to the square root of the line width.)

  • How do I pick an uniformly distributed colour palette for my site?

  • What heading font would contrast best with a body font

  • Where do I place the images? And what should the image dimensions be?

This will be a tutorial + workshop where we’ll take live examples and see the impact of applying these rules to a website.

Speaker bio

Anand is a data scientist at Gramener, a data visualisation company.


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