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Web design could use some new ideas. We have the tech now.

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Dharamaram College, Bangalore

HTML5 and CSS3 have very quickly moved from being tentative new standards to the base standards for every major desktop and mobile browser. HTML5 is now just HTML, a modular, living standard that no longer needs a version number.

Now that we are no longer fighting over platforms, it’s time to put the specs aside and revisit the construction of user interface: how do we raise the bar for stellar user interface on the web?

Meta Refresh is a follow-up to DocType HTML5 from 2010-11 and is a conference on web UI engineering.

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Meta Refresh is an umbrella forum for conversations about different aspects of design and product including: 1. UX and interaction design 2. CMS, content management, publishing and content marketing 3. Information architecture 4. Product design 5. Privacy in product design more

Anand S


Visual design for non-designers

Submitted Mar 15, 2012

You’ll take home a simple set of rules and tools on visual design that you can’t go wrong applying.


There are some simple, non-intuitive principles of design that most non-designers are unaware of, around choice of colours, using white space, typography, alignment, etc.

Some examples of questions we’ll address are:

  • What’s a good line height? (Hint: it’s proportional to the square root of the line width.)

  • How do I pick an uniformly distributed colour palette for my site?

  • What heading font would contrast best with a body font

  • Where do I place the images? And what should the image dimensions be?

This will be a tutorial + workshop where we’ll take live examples and see the impact of applying these rules to a website.

Speaker bio

Anand is a data scientist at Gramener, a data visualisation company.



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Debashis Sikdar Proposing

Designing for all screen sizes

As more and more devices keep being ‘churned out’ by manufacturers, the number of screen sizes that the designer ha to work for keeps increasing and thus poses a challenge. The speaker should preferably have expertise in development for a wide range of screen sizes and should carry the audience from the beginner level to the latest advancements in this aspect of UI design. more

16 Mar 2012