Meta Refresh 2012

Web design could use some new ideas. We have the tech now.

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A design primer for developers


Vishal Parpia


Two objectives:
First, give developers a sense of how designers approach problems
Second, to encourage developers to take ownership of design as a fundamental part of web app development.

It is not somebody else’s problem.


This session is not meant to turn developers into designers, it is meant to have them apply design principles to web app and interface design. As coders, we already understand elegance and simplicity in a very scientific and logical way. I’m going to attempt to illustrate how to use that to build better apps.

Speaker bio

I’m Vishal Parpia a.k.a. viz/vizkid. I run a web/software company called ActivElement based out of Pune. I am 50% code monkey and 50% pixel pusher.