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Gaurav Vaish


JavaScript + MVC + NodeJS + Mobile = Mojito

Submitted Mar 21, 2012

Why have your web application in all languages (Java / PHP / Python / Ruby) on Server, JavaScript on client... why not everything in one language? MVC on server + MVC on client.. yikes!

Yahoo! Mojito allows you to all the fun... learn about the way future apps are shaping up.


Yahoo! announced Cocktails in Nov, 2011 - comprising of Mojito and Manhattan

Yahoo! Mojito is a web development framework that can be used to deploy JavaScript components that can run either on the server or a plethora of clients, including mobiles (iPhone, iPad, Android mobiles etc)


If you know JavaScript, mastering Mojito is a cakewalk.

If you can write alert(‘Hello, World’) and custom functions in JavaScript, it should be fairly simple to pick up!

Get a Linux / Mac box with the following:

  • NodeJS installed
    Download from
  • Mojito installed using
    npm install mojito -g

Speaker bio

Gaurav, alumnus of IIT Kanpur, works with Yahoo! India R&D.

Prior to joining Yahoo!, he ran his company - Edujini Labs - for over 7yrs, and has earlier worked with Adobe India R&D.

He is the author of Android MVC framework (

He has his personal (technical) blog at


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