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Web design could use some new ideas. We have the tech now.

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Dharamaram College, Bangalore

HTML5 and CSS3 have very quickly moved from being tentative new standards to the base standards for every major desktop and mobile browser. HTML5 is now just HTML, a modular, living standard that no longer needs a version number.

Now that we are no longer fighting over platforms, it’s time to put the specs aside and revisit the construction of user interface: how do we raise the bar for stellar user interface on the web?

Meta Refresh is a follow-up to DocType HTML5 from 2010-11 and is a conference on web UI engineering.

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Meta Refresh is an umbrella forum for conversations about different aspects of design and product including: 1. UX and interaction design 2. CMS, content management, publishing and content marketing 3. Information architecture 4. Product design 5. Privacy in product design more

Rasagy Sharma

@rasagy Proposing

Bridging the Designer/Developer divide

Submitted Mar 21, 2012

Discuss how the Designer/Developer gap is bridged at different organizations/particular projects. Share tips & experiences on how designers can make more developer-friendly deliverables (Responsive design, detailed interactions etc.) and how developers can better understand designer’s goals & concerns (“How flexible is this layout?”, usability issues etc.)


From interactive low-fi prototypes to designing straight in the browser, explore & share (pros & cons of) different approaches.

Have a mixed panel with Developer(s) & Designer(s) who’ve worked in varied teams/projects.

Have a few topics decided to kick start the discussion - with inputs from the audience. Then have an open session with questions/discussions as the time permits.

*Could be followed by a more specific session: Design for Developers (2 Similar sessions in Funnel) and Kickstarting Web Design (ie. Front-end engineering) for Designers (Just an introductory session)


Nothing to bring along, but a mixed audience (designers + developers) will be needed.

Also, a moderator to ensure the discussions are on track.

Speaker bio

Would like someone to volunteer (a developer & a designer?)


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Gaurav Vaish

JavaScript + MVC + NodeJS + Mobile = Mojito

Why have your web application in all languages (Java / PHP / Python / Ruby) on Server, JavaScript on client… why not everything in one language? MVC on server + MVC on client.. yikes! more

21 Mar 2012