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Rahul Gonsalves


RubyMonk - Design to 1 Million Page Views in Four Weeks

Submitted Mar 21, 2012

See how developers and designers working closely together significantly accelerates the speed at which a large-scale web application can go from concept to completed design.


RubyMonk is an interactive platform for learning Ruby. RubyMonk was conceptualized in September 2011 and was up and running three weeks later. This talk will give you a ringside ticket to watch as the site went from concept to wireframe, to design and then finally; to implementation.

Watch as a pure-engineering firm (C42) worked for the first time with a designer – Rahul Gonsalves (Pixelogue) – on building their own product and the lessons learnt from including a designer into an Agile Workflow. Learn about the continuous design process, why better design decisions were made because of ability to select most efficient engineering + user experience paths at low communication costs and how developers learnt that design is not just about visual design and how the designer learnt that Git is the best thing ever.

Speaker bio

Aakash Dharmadhikari has been working with startups for the last 4 years, the latest being C42 Engineering that he helped co-found. After 6 years of engineering career, working closely with designers on RubyMonk has changed the way he looks at product development.

Rahul Gonsalves (Pixelogue) designed RubyMonk from the wireframes out. Rahul founded Pixelogue and has been designing websites and applications for the last six years.




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