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Web design could use some new ideas. We have the tech now.

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Dharamaram College, Bangalore

HTML5 and CSS3 have very quickly moved from being tentative new standards to the base standards for every major desktop and mobile browser. HTML5 is now just HTML, a modular, living standard that no longer needs a version number.

Now that we are no longer fighting over platforms, it’s time to put the specs aside and revisit the construction of user interface: how do we raise the bar for stellar user interface on the web?

Meta Refresh is a follow-up to DocType HTML5 from 2010-11 and is a conference on web UI engineering.

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Meta Refresh is an umbrella forum for conversations about different aspects of design and product including: 1. UX and interaction design 2. CMS, content management, publishing and content marketing 3. Information architecture 4. Product design 5. Privacy in product design more

Sunil Pai


Pizza ftw.

Submitted Mar 21, 2012

Introducing Pizza, a quirky little animation library for UI engineering.


Not your regular shaker and mover.

Introducing a tiny library to be used with UI components, and then some. Springy scrollbars, inertial sliding, drag proxies, soft buttons … and that’s just the start. Come have a look at a new way to code behaviors for your UI elements.



Speaker bio

I make shiny stuff.


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Rasagy Sharma Proposing

Beginner's Guide to Web UI Engineering

With an overwhelming amount of resources available, it’s a little confusing for beginners to decide what to learn first, and from where. A quick introduction to common areas, technologies and what to use when. (From the obvious HTML/CSS/JS to Boilerplates/Pre-processors etc.) more

21 Mar 2012