Kilter Call for Presentations

Kilter Call for Presentations

Speak at Kilter sessions on food, health and fitness

Ajit Bhaskar


Tea: The journey from plant to your cup.

Submitted Nov 20, 2020

Tea is the second most consumed beverage on the planet after water (sorry beer lovers!). The beverage looks mundane, but an incredible amount of science and engineering goes behind this humble brew. I will be sharing how different types of teas are made, how various facets like biology, chemistry, chemical engineering are interconnected in giving the consumer the best possible experience! The audience will gain a deeper appreciation for tea manufacturing and blending. And maybe look at their brew a little differently, when they drink it the next time :)


Tea - a brief history

Different types of tea - white, gree, orthodox, oolong, black, speciali-Teas.

How are they different - it’s all about how they are made.

The art of blending

Bringing all the elements together - plant, manufacturing, science and engineering.


An open mind and curiousity.

Speaker bio

I am a materials and process scientist by trade, currently working for the largest tea company in the world. I am passionate about tea and food, in general and i love sharing what i know in a simple, fun way! When I’m not working, I am either experimenting with various cuisines in my kitchen, or making sure that our son and dog do not tear down our home. I also run a bit.


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