Kilter Call for Presentations

Speak at Kilter sessions on food, health and fitness

Submit a session proposal

Proposal submissions close at 31 Dec 2020, 11:50 PM

There are many approaches and perspectives on physical and mental health, fitness, food, nutrition and diet. Kilter sessions were launched to give a voice to these perspectives foregrounded in experience and in-depth exploration.

This Call for Presentations is to run monthly Kilter sessions on:
1. Food science, diet and nutrition
2. Mental health
3. Fitness and exercise
4. Habit
6. Topics of interest in the larger realm of what Kilter intends to cover

Cadence: Kilter sessions will be held on Sundays of each month. To share a presentation/idea/topic, submit details on

Contact details: For more information about these sessions, call +91-7676332020 or write to