Kilter Call for Presentations

Kilter Call for Presentations

Speak at Kilter sessions on food, health and fitness

There are many approaches and perspectives on physical and mental health, fitness, food, nutrition and diet. Kilter sessions were launched to give a voice to these perspectives foregrounded in experience and in-depth exploration.

This Call for Presentations is to run monthly Kilter sessions on:

  1. Food science, diet and nutrition
  2. Mental health
  3. Fitness and exercise
  4. Habit
  5. Topics of interest in the larger realm of what Kilter intends to cover

Cadence: Kilter sessions will be held on Sundays of each month. To share a presentation/idea/topic, submit details on

Contact details: For more information about these sessions, call +91-7676332020 or write to

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Kilter is a group for geeks and enthusiasts who want to discuss nutrition, diet, fitness and lifestyle. Follow Kilter on Twitter more