Kilter Call for Presentations

Kilter Call for Presentations

Speak at Kilter sessions on food, health and fitness

Pallavi Shastry


Everyday Delicious

Submitted Jul 27, 2020

I’m a home cook and I try adding a little something extra to my everyday cooking to make daily meals less monotonous and more delicious.


A quick chilli oil for eggs, salads, stir-fry, noodles, and more.
Saving pork fat for stir fry, meat curries, and potato roasts.
A spoonful of jaggery to finish off a curry - a highly underrated and underused trick to round up a dish.
A fistful of dried prawns for some umami - A dull pumpkin or chickpea curry can be turned on its head with a touch of dried prawns/fish with its funkiness.
Carmelizing onions in 10 mins - the trick is to add salt and then a splash of water.
Don’t throw away those coriander stems.
How to make Ricotta cheese at home easily - for pancakes and toast toppings.

These are a few ways I make my everyday food delicious. Anyone can use these tips to elevate their cooking skills in their home kitchen.

Speaker bio

I’m a self taught home cook and baker living in Gurgaon with roots in Mangalore. I love traditional cooking while bending a few rules every now and then. Experimenting and playing around with ingredients is how I accidentaly discover new tricks to elevate my cooking. And I’d love to share them with other cooking enthusiasts as well.


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