Guide to Therapy

Guide to Therapy

How to choose the right approach and therapist for yourself

  1. What is therapy? Is it a panacea? Is it a professional relationship for a guided purpose?
  2. How do you decide on which therapy approach suits you?
  3. Or, before that, how do you know you need go for therapy?
  4. Do you visit a counselor, a social worker, a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist?
  5. What is the investment you have to make when you decide to go for therapy - monetary costs, time, and mental + emotional energy?

In this session, clinical psychologist, Dr. Rathna Isaac addresses these questions, through a short presentation, followed by an AMA from participants.

Participation in this event is via Zoom, the link to which will be shared with registered participants. Or you can watch the talk via the livestream on this page.

Questions for the speak, prior to the session can be left in the comments section.

For further inquiries, contact 7676332020 or write to


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Q&A session

Q&A session

30 minutes 7 August 2020
Choosing your Therapist

Choosing your Therapist

Dr. Rathna Isaac

35 minutes 7 August 2020

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