Chemistry in the Kitchen - and why your microwave is a handy device

Food science sessions

Based on the Kitchen Chemistry Sessions course he created at Carnegie Mellon University, Das will give a talk on Chemistry in the Kitchen that will cover food molecule groups and focus on water, fats (like chocolate!) and the use of microwave ovens. Das will demonstrate microwave oven function and uses, including the demo of ‘instant’/9-minute chocolate mousse and cake. Tempting?

About the speaker: Subha R. Das is an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University. Das’s research interests lie in the chemistry of nucleic acids and their applications to biochemistry and nanobiotechnology.
Over the years, the long hours spent on research and a deep dissatisfaction with the cardboard that passes as pizza in the halls of academia, led him to learn how to maximize flavor in minimal time. Drawing on this learning and advances in molecular gastronomy, in 2008 Das created The Kitchen Chemistry Sessions - courses to teach chemistry through the real-world context of food, cooking and molecular cuisine. His educational goals include communicating and advancing science, particularly chemistry, by making it palatable to a broader audience.

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