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Karan Manral


Hack the food system, grow your own organic salads

Submitted Feb 23, 2017

Most health systems or diets will suggest that you incorporate salads into your meals. But what happens when most of the salad ingredients you buy are of dubious quality?

The best way, do it yourself.

Fortunately, Bangalore enjoys the right kind of weather for growing salads through the year.

With a little bit of effort, even rookies can grow nutritious and delicious ingredients for everything from simple salads to smoothies.

In this primer, we’ll show you what you can grow, how to grow it and what you need to know to whip up a great salad or smoothie.


The problem with what you just bought for a salad (5 mins)
What’s easy and nutritious to grow, in what season (5 mins)
How you can grow leafy vegetables, cherry tomatoes, peppers and more in containers (5 mins)
Five minute mix for great organic soil (10 min demo)
The basics of growing and keeping your plants happy (10 mins)
Simple salad combos, from the easiest things to grow (5 mins)


A table, two empty pots, some soil, compost and coco peat to mix. A few seeds and seedlings. Salad bowl, spinner, plate to serve, some salad ingredients. A projector for the slide show

Speaker bio

Serial grower of several things: borderline compulsive about organic kitchen gardening, organic farming, local food systems and more recently urban forests. Past flirtations include technology. Long ago editor of CHIP and Digit magazine.


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