Roots of Direct Benefit Transfer Program

A history of electronic payments for subsidies in India

The origin of electronic payments in subsidies in India does not start with the Direct Benefit Transfer programme but its roots are in Electronic Benefit Transfer programs initiated in year 2006 within erstwhile state of Andhra Pradesh. This session will focus on the early experiments of electronic subsidy transfers and the challenges that emerged in its implementations. It will look into the reports and evaluations of these experiments and how they led to the creation of Direct Benefit Transfer.

A detailed study of Direct Benefit Transfer payment system architecture will be presented part of Cashless Consumer StudyCircle on 25th July

Join the session via zoom or watch the livestream on YouTube.

Who should participate:

  • Technologists
  • Policy researchers
  • Journalists covering technology issues


  1. RBI Report of the Working Group on Standards for Raw Images of fingerprints for Public Comments
  2. RBI Report of the Committee on Suggesting a Framework for Electronic Benefit Transfer
  3. Introduction of Financial Inclusion Programme for using the Smart Card Technology in Andhra Pradesh Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (APREGS) and Social Security Pensions Scheme (SSPS)- Pilot Project
  4. National Institute of Smart Governance Evaluation of Smart Card Pilot Project in Andhra Pradesh

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Roots of Direct Benefit Transfer Program

Roots of Direct Benefit Transfer Program

43 minutes22 July 2020

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