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Leveraging WebAudio & ToneJS - How I built a Carnatic Music trainer app for the web

Submitted by Anirudh S (@anirudh24seven) on Feb 12, 2020

Duration of the session: 30 mins full talk Status: Confirmed


I’ve built a trainer application for Carnatic Music students using WebAudio & ToneJS. This talk will highlight my experience, the challenges that I faced and how I solved them. There will also be audiovisual demos.


This talk will highlight
- The state of WebAudio libraries
- How easily one can get started creating music in the browser
- How I delved into the source code of ToneJS
- The challenges that I faced and how I solved them
- Some caveats and open problems

Speaker bio

I was a Full-stack Software Architect at a Fintech company before I quit my job to pursue my dream of building products that I like. I have built a time-tracker productivity tool called LeetMetrics, I run a modified Mastodon server called LeetSocial and currently I am about to launch my next product, a Trainer app for Carnatic music students.

My hobbies are Vocal Carnatic music, playing the Veena and live streaming on Twitch.



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