JSFoo Pune 2019

JSFoo Pune 2019

JSFoo is a JavaScript conference hosted by HasGeek.

Arunkumar Krishnamoorthy


Full-stack-JavaScript based MicroServices for complete automation of Higher Education Institutions

Submitted Oct 4, 2018

A diverse portfolio of use cases catering different set of stakeholders with varied interests and goals combined with a spread in different categories of Higher Education Institutions - Engineering / Technical Institution, Arts and Science College, Institute of Management, Institute of Medical Science & Research. The talk is focused on how we realised this diverse need with the help of MicroServices based architecture on complete JavaScript stack (MEAN stack along with RabbitMQ as Event Bus, KeyCloak as OAuth) as well as NativeScript for the mobile Apps. If time permits, we can delve deep on Continuous Delivery with Jenkins and Docker. This whole foundation also enables students to build Apps or extensions on top of this platform.


  1. Brief intro of problem domain
  2. Overall architecture stack and the role played by every component in it - Single sign-on, API and messsaging based integration, how microservices based setup helped solve our problem
  3. How automation of business processes are modeled on a graph model
  4. How APIs allowed us to scale / extend our applications’ reach to students
  5. A configurable integrated dashboard by orchestrating KPIs from every module / function

Speaker bio

After getting polished in the field of Software Engineering and Development for last 18 years, conceptualized and hand-crafted this solution from scratch with a very young and fresh dev team along with the inputs and guidance from well-matured veterans and scholars in this Education domain . With diverse interests and hands-on experience in polyglot technologies across multiple domains, I feel fortunate enough to be in this “abstract” field where every damn thing in the world can be simplified and abstracted to a very “dumb” software model.





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