JSFoo Pune 2019

JSFoo Pune 2019

JSFoo is a JavaScript conference hosted by HasGeek.

Anand Sudhanaboina


Building Micro Frontends

Submitted Dec 27, 2018

Microservices architecture helped us achieve speed, scale, and quality in the backend. With the current front-end trends, there are around 100+ JavaScript UI frameworks or even more. While we can leverage the innovations in the newer frameworks we are leaving behind and often miss the qualities of older frameworks which can be converged. With the new innovations in the Front End World, we can now have a converged web application where you can have more than one framework co-exist and independent from each other which is a Micro Front End. Which means, for example, in a single page there can be a section written in Vue and other written in ReactJS. By this, we can achieve the advantages of the microservices in the front end for good.


  • Architecture and principles of microservices
  • Traditional Frontend approaches
  • What are Micro Frontends?
  • Why use Micro Frontends?
  • How to get started?
  • Challenges & Drawbacks
  • Demo
  • References
  • Q & A

Speaker bio

Anand is a Full Stack Engineer at Intuit. He spends most of his time writing scalable and high performant code.




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