JSFoo Pune 2019

JSFoo Pune 2019

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Nidhi Sadanand


Building Front End Applications at Scale

Submitted Aug 28, 2018

Building large scale applications requires careful thought about choice of framework and tools from a development to deployment perspective. One needs to look at how components will be reused, configurations that can be customized per environment , make descisions as to wether the app needs to be server rendered or client rendered or maybe a combination of both. This talk outlines the various goals building and deploying a large scale web application.
The ideas and frameworks suggested in this talk are based on Walmarts journey of migrating from monolithic app architecture to a micro app based development model. This talk will also lean into Walmart’s front end teams’ learnings on what to do vs what not to do.


Slide Details

  1. What scale means - taking an example of Walmart Scale
  2. Development Goals
  3. Build and Deployment Goals
  4. Performance Goals
  5. Frameworks to acheive this
  6. Electrode as a platform
  7. Conclusion


Javascript knowledge. Should have some previous experience in using Frameworks such as React, Angular , NodeJS etc.

Speaker bio

Nidhi Sadanand is a Distinguished Engineer at WalmartLabs in charge of Customer Experience for certain parts of the Walmart’s eCommerce site experience such as Online Returns, Pharmacy and Vertical Experiences. She has 18 years of industry experience working as full stack engineer in domains such as Gaming, Banking and Retail. She is passionate about rich client experience and scalable distributed backend systems.




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