JSFoo Pune 2019

JSFoo is a JavaScript conference hosted by HasGeek.

Introduction to Reactive Programming with RxJS

Submitted by Ashish Joshi (@ashishjoshi) on Sep 22, 2018

Section: Crisp talk Technical level: Beginner Status: Rejected


Cover the basics of reactive programming and explaing what it means to think reactively. Explain why one would choose reactive programming, stating the pros and cons. Introduce RxJS.


-What is Reactive Programming

-What is a data stream

-Why do Reactive Programming?

-Introduce RxJS

-An example of an easy app written in Angular + RxJS


Nothing other than curious minds!

Speaker bio

Born and brought up in Pune, I’ve been a Software Engineer at Google for last 7 years. I started doing frontend programming since last year with Angular and RxJS and fell in love with it! I consider myself lucky to have had an opportunity to be on the same team as Ben Lesh (the RxJS Lead).


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