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JSFoo Coimbatore 2019

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Santosh Viswanatham


WebXR for Everyone

Submitted Apr 11, 2019

VR/XR has been the most Exciting tech in building Realistic applications, games, communication tools, and entertainment experiences for the past 3 years.
Everyone has been playing around VR for a while, How about being on the other side of the table and create an XR experience on their own?
AFrame, a web-based VR framework from Mozilla made it ridiculously easy to create VR Experiences. This talk will enable the participants to develop experiences from scratch, Build and Deploy using an open platform thus skipping the gatekeepers of Proprietary VR app stores.
This talk will dive into History of VR, Gatekeepers, Blockers in the VR Industry, A-frame, a WebVR Framework, Building a simple yet complex VR, AR experiences using A-frame, Deploying on Glitch.
Demonstrating the use of this simple yet powerful VR framework and enabling every developer to build a VR/XR experience are the primary goals of this talk.


Half of the content in above slides would be similar but the rest will be updated for target audience and depending on the given time for the talk.

  • An Intro to VR/AR/MR/XR
  • Brief history of How it all started and Where we are right now
  • Challenges with XR
  • Intro to A-frame, Demos of few popular WebVR Projects
  • Hands-on of building an XR Experience/Game from scratch
  • Build, Deployment of the experience through an open platform by skipping the app store markets


VR headset would be helpful but not necessary.

Speaker bio

Santosh is an open web philanthropist, works at Gaian Solutions and tweets at @isantoshv! He eats Angular for Breakfast and is an amateur React Developer. Santosh is a Tech Speaker and a Participation leader at Mozilla, loves working with a diverse group of people. He has given talks on WebVR, Cross-Platform extensions, Firefox OS in the past. For his contributions to Mozilla, His name is listed in about:credits of every shipped Firefox Browser. When he is not glued to his computer you will find him reading books, watching movies, trying not to cook badly and hitting the Gym every 5 days a week.




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