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JSFoo Coimbatore 2019

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Sreenadh S


Developing End-to-End IoT Applications Using Javascript

Submitted Apr 22, 2019

Javascript has become more popular now and its being used on all platforms and devices. In this talk, We will answer
How Javascript can be used effectively for devloping end to end IoT Applications, not just for prototype?

We will share our experience developing an IoT E2E systems.


Introduction to IoT

Various ways to develop IoT Applications

Where Javascript stands in the crowd

Frameworks / Libraries available in Javascript in IoT spectrum

Prototyping to Production

Demo & Introduction

  • Espurino
  • Johnny Five

Developing enterprise scale Cloud powered IoT applications

  • Google IoT Core
  • Azure IoT
  • AWS IoT

Demo & Introduction

  • Mongoose Os

Case Study of developing e2e system in ThougtWorks with Mongoose Os

Things to consider

  • Pros
  • Cons

References & Libraries for developing IoT Apps (MQTT)

Building real time streaming applications in IoT

  • MQTT
  • WebSockets
  • RxJs
  • Cloud

Future of Javascript in IoT

Speaker bio

I am an IoT enthusiast. Workikng in ThoughtWorks for 1 years 11 months. Has been working on IoT applications for last one years. Have an experience on various hardwares and frameworks used for IoT applications.

Co-speaker - Abdul Kader Jeelani




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