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Shivang Shekhar


WebVR : Dive into another world on Web

Submitted Feb 2, 2017

Virtual Reality offers makers the chance to build new cutting edge experiences that no one has seen before. This hands-on workshop will supercharge your creation toolbox with Mozilla A-frame — the framework for building incredible experiences on the web in VR, and other exciting VR technologies and upcoming streams in VR like tiltbrush or a-painter. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about VR technology, storytelling, sound design, character/environment design, and animation to bring their own powerful world-changing ideas to life in a matter of hours.
Thsi talk will tackle the budding VR enthusiast in the conference and will help them to explore this market as its almost untamed and untouched , especially in India .
Expreience VR with Mozilla


A-frame is a Mozilla born and bred resource for the web community. This workshop would be an opportunity for makers to learn about A-frame, the open Mozilla community and be inspired to share their experiences with friends, in turn inspiring more development and more creativity on the open web.
In this workshop, you’ll:
-learn the basics of the A-frame webVR framework and know about building your stuff on the boilerplate
-make scene in virtual reality right away and view it in your browser/ mobile browser
-learn how to create experiences to see, move, and use controls in VR
-get resources for developing and prototyping your VR experiences
-get resources for taking, editing and exporting 360 video for VR viewing
-get resources for creating 3d in VR

  • ambisonic sound creation and recording using simple recording deveices to put in your scene
    -learn the basics of javascript, created by one of the founders of Mozilla
    -learn how create awesome experiences to share with the world and the parent Mozilla Community


Google Cardboards
Internet :P

Speaker bio

-A VR enthusiast and Guest Speaker on VR and related technologies at Mozilla Festival , London 2016

  • Web Developer
  • Game Programmer turned into VR Game developer
  • Open Source Enthusiast
  • Mozilla Contributor
    I have been attached with Mozilla VR since the invoking of this Vr technology in 2014-15 and have worked and associated with the lead developer of this framework (A-frame)
    I am also trained in Cinematic VR and production of VR films.
    Linkedin Profile : https://in.linkedin.com/in/shivang-shekhar-bb2b2780




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