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Isomorphic javascript with ebay's markojs

Submitted Apr 11, 2017

Introduction and hands on with less popular but more powerful html template rendering engine - “Markojs”.I ll be explaining how your whole project can be broken down into reactive webcomponents which can work both server side and browser side i.e. isomorphically.

Ill also go through a brief background on libraries which try to serve the same purpose of building reactive web components and what are their shortcomings.


Marko Web Components
Smart Templating with Core tags
Rendering components server side
Rendering components browser side
Gulping and serving the whole page with Lasso js


A machine with nodejs >= 6.9.1
An open mind

Speaker bio

For the past 7 years I have been working on web/mobile dev tools. From working on dojotoolkit who where the first ones to bring AMD and promises, to angularjs and then finally peacing out with markojs. I have been involved with varied products throughout my career in software industry. From working with new incubations inside Amazon, to incubating my own startup, also working as consultant with some of the startups in India and abroad, I have seen how products have evolved and which tools have remained at par to serve this purpose. Doing full stack development with javascript is core to my heart and has been my primary skill. Apart from this I do ios with Apples’ Swift,it being the next candidate for full stack.

Right now I am involved in my own startup - poolmyride.com, a global peer to peer carpooling network . As a consultant I also work with Confengine - a tool to share and grow ideas through conferences.





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