JSFoo 2017

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Best Practices for Continuous Delivery of Javascript/Node and Angular Porjects

Submitted Mar 21, 2017

Java Script integration on Continous Delivery pipeline requires integration with CD tool chain- Jenkins as an orchestrator, Sonar analysis , Unit testing , Build and Release . At Cisco we have nudged the best practices on our CD pipeline to deliver a platform agnostic end-to-end release cycle for Java Script/ Node and Angular. Along with that we provide analytics of these projects to deliver and work in quality


Introduction Continuous Delivery
Adoption/Onboaring of JS on CD pipeline
Role of Analytics

Speaker bio

My name in Dr. Monika SIkri. I have spoken in various conference and have been a session chair and reveiwer has well.
I am an architect of this CD integration in this pipeline. Please find my details on https://sites.google.com/site/msikri/


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