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Tackling speed and performance for JavaScript

BrijRaj Singh


The Swoosh Page - 20 quick tips to make Webpages that load in split second

Submitted Aug 22, 2016

Didn’t you always wanted to make a webpage that loads with a lightening speed, like www.google.com or www.bing.com ? studies suggest that slow sites alienate your audience http://munchweb.com/effect-of-website-speed
In this talk we’ll zip through 20 quick tips, that you can use to speed up your web pages, and the tools to help you do that.


A rapid fire round of tips to speed up the performance of your web pages

  1. Reasons why pages are slow
  2. Tools to help you measure the performance - Page speed insights, webpage test, browser tools...
  3. 20 quick tips to speed up your web pages

Speaker bio

Brij is a Sr. Technology Evangelist (Open Source solutions) with Microsoft. With a decade worth of experience in both Microsoft technologies as well as with open source technologies, brij has architected highly scalable and reliable solutions using Open source technologies. Brij is a regular speaker at 3rd party conferences including the local Javascript meetups. Brij likes to travel, drive fast cars on track and on XBox, and watch shows like Game of thrones and Mr. Robot. He tweets about technology, and politics (his favorite topic) at @brijrajsingh


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