JSFoo 2016

Tackling speed and performance for JavaScript

Maninderjit Bindra


Measure and compare application performance variations using JMeter Load tests.

Submitted Aug 21, 2016

When trying to optimize your web pages so that they load with lightning speed, it becomes critical to understand with certainty, the effect of a certain web page code / configuration change on performance. In this talk we will take a quick look at Load testing a Nodejs app using cloud based VSTS JMeter tests before and after a certain JavaScript optimization and comparing the variations.


  • We take a look at problems when trying to measure and compare the performance of a page after making an optimization
  • Identify practices and tools which help using in accurately comparing performance variations after attempted optimizations are made
  • Demo of performance measurement and comparison between 2 application configurations using cloud based (VSTS) JMeter tests


Basic understanding of Nodejs / Javascript

Speaker bio

Maninderjit Bindra is a Solutions Architect, and has 16 years of industry experience. He has designed and implemented several high volume, business critical applications and APIs, using open source Technologies. In his current role (Technical Evangelist with Microsoft) he helps partners, customers and developers in building scalable and resilient solutions on the cloud.


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