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BrijRaj Singh


Developing bots with NodeJS - Conversation as a platform

Submitted Aug 21, 2016

2016 is the year of BOTS, Technology can simulate conversation on various channels (facebook, skype, slack...) and save a lot of time and money to handle most of the basic conversations between businesses and customers; While chat bots have been around since quite sometime, they were never of much use to businesses as people found it hard to communicate with bots because Bots hardly understood the context of conversations.
With the advent of cloud based Natural language processing systems, and the ease of understanding the context/intent over a given text by training the NLP models online, the bots suddenly became smarter and businesses just leaped to the opportunity to make the most out of simulated conversations around areas of services, e-commerce and what not.
During this workshop, we’ll cover the basics of Natural language processing required to understand how the cloud based NLP systems can be trained to understand the Intent of dialogs, after that we’ll see how you can create workflows in your Bot application and integrate with the cloud based NLP engine, after that we’ll see how to add channels to our bot applications - facebook/skype/slack... If time permits we’ll also try to make our bot multi-lingual.


  1. Introduction to Bot Framework.
  2. Introduction to NLP engine in cloud
  3. Create your first NL Model and train it.
  4. Developing a basic workflow in NodeJS for our Bot Application
  5. Integrate the Bot application with NLP engine
  6. Deploy the Bot in Cloud
  7. Integrate the channels with Bot
  8. Optional - Make your Bot - Multi-lingual


Anyone who knows basics of NodeJS

Speaker bio

Brij is a Sr. Technology Evangelist (Open Source solutions) with Microsoft. With a decade worth of experience in both Microsoft technologies as well as with open source technologies, brij has architected highly scalable and reliable solutions using Open source technologies. Brij is a regular speaker at 3rd party conferences including the local Javascript meetups. Brij likes to travel, drive fast cars on track and on XBox, and watch shows like Game of thrones and Mr. Robot. He tweets about technology, and politics (his favorite topic) at @brijrajsingh


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