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How ECMAScript6 can change your life

Submitted Aug 22, 2016

ECMAScript 2015 (ECMAScript6) is the current version of the ECMAScript Language Specification standard. It has come up with many new features and is having a varied impact on the lives of Javascript developers. This session will cover those new things in ECMAScript6 and the need for the web developers to upgrade their skills to ES6 with the plan of launch of ES7 and ES8 already in place. From providing syntatic sugar to eliminating dead code using “Tree Shaking”, all that ES6 does, will be covered in this talk.

Anyone having basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and intermediate knowledge of JavaScript can attend this session. From this Live Demo Oriented Session, the attendees can expect to enhance their knowledge of ECMAScript6 and clear the doubts they would be having related to the technology. With the advancements in technology happening with each passing day, it is high time that the web developers catch up with the concepts of ES6 and understand the difference it can bring to their coding.


The talk will cover the new features in ES6 and the change that ES6 can bring to your life. Few, out of the list of topics, that will be covered are listed below:

• New Keywords
• Spread Operator
• Default Function Parameters
• Arrow Functions
• Classes
• Modules
• Promises
• Typed Arrays
• New Built-In Methods
• Adding the ES6 Flavour to your IDE
• Better Support for ES6 in IDEs
• Dead Code Elimination in ES6
• Performance impact using ES6
• Road Ahead – ES7 and ES8
• And much more…

A glimpse of this can been seen in the preview video and the slides attached.

Speaker bio

Having exposure to multiple software development methodologies in the career span of 4.5 years, Surbhi is a passionate technologist who is a keen learner and a multi-talented IT Professional having an experience of working in:
- Interactive Development using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
- Back end Development using .Net, MVC, J2EE
- Mobile Application Development using Titanium for Android and iPhone & Visual Studio for Windows Phone
- Database Development using SQL Server for Desktop and SQLite for Mobile

Surbhi has been a passionate speaker since school days and was a Microsoft Student Partner in college during the tenure of which, she delivered various technology sessions to fellow students in different colleges. She has been participating in SQL Server Geeks Annual Summit since past 2 years as a member of organizers’ team. Her recent session as a speaker was in XT Summit 2016 at Sapient where she gave a talk on ECMAScript6.





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