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Gandhali Samant


Convert your Web App to a hosted app on Android, iOS and Windows with Manifold.js

Submitted Aug 22, 2016

Manifold.js is an open source framework which helps you quickly package your web apps into native apps on Android, iOS and Windows platform. It takes the meta-data of your site to achieve this and it can run on any platform. In this crisp talk, we aill do a quick walkthrough of the framework, installation steps on and scenarios where this framework can be useful and then conevert a web app to multiple native hosted apps using Manifold.js


  1. Introduction to Manifold.js
  2. Use cases, Scenarios.
  3. Installation steps
  4. Cross platform compatibility
  5. Use of Cordova to polyfill the platforms that don’t have native support
  6. Demo-Convert a Web app to a hosted app (native) from Windows machine to Android
  7. Demo- Run Manifold.js on a Mac and convert the app.
  8. Recap.

Speaker bio

Gandhali is a Sr. Technology evangelist who has been working with various technologies for over 15 years. Gandhali has worked with several MNCs in India and abroad, primarily in the insurance and retail domain. In her current role, she helps partners, customers and developers in building world-class solutions on Cloud platform. Her current focus is on working with startups using open source technologies and helping them to move to cloud. A graduate in computer engineering from the University Of Mumbai, Gandhali holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Florida Institute Of Technology.




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