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Brajeshwar Oinam

Brajeshwar Oinam


The Economics of JavaScript

Submitted Aug 17, 2016

A beginner breaks, repeats, makes mistakes, and learn to program. By the time, she becomes a very good developer, she believes everything starts and ends in her work, her codes, and her philosophies. As she matures, she realizes that her codes and her works are mere parts of a bigger picture - a tiny role that make other people, and systems work. The day she realizes that her impact, even though small, has to be the best and meaningful, is the day she cares about everything else than just her work.


JavaScript has won the desktop. It is beginning to win the mobile and will do so sooner than you can anticipate. Businesses have realized the importance of JavaScript, are investing in it pretty heavily. It is no longer surprising that JavaScript is on to a path of World Domination.

My talk will be about the economics of JavaScript for developers, managers, and businesses. As a JavaScript developer, why is it important to understand the factors that implicate and impact your work - be it cost, time or acceptance by the other facades of running a business, company, a startup or a simple app.

I’ll be referencing our recent work with Aditya Birla’s http://abof.com and how we made it the fasted eCommerce site (mobile/desktop) in India. You should try it, it works pretty well even on a bad 3G connection on an OK mobile phone.

I will also get a bit technical and I might blurb terms such as - Isomorphic JavaScript, Immutable Codes, Progressive Web apps, Server Side Rendering of Frontend Codes, React, Redux, Helmet, build automation, gulp, webpack, component based styles and designs, perpetual designs, et al.

In fact, I’ll also say some money numbers in relations to features, browsers and how to win over your clients, bosses to take the right decision with your work - JavaScript codes, CSS/HTML Markups.

I’ll try my best to add fuel to your JavaScript development rocket on how can you blast your career faster, better, and position yourself in your company, with clients as a much better, matured, dependable and high-value person.

Speaker bio

I believe in simplicity, minimalism, and have an ardent willingness to push the bounds, envisioning the betterment of usable and practical solutions.


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