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Chandra Mohan


Javascript Web developer to Mobile App Developer in a single Workshop (React Native)

Submitted Aug 17, 2016

We are converging to a point where any web application should have a corresponding mobile app. This workshop would be to enable Javascript engineers to start developing mobile apps by writing majorly javascript code.


The workshop would enable engineers to develop both iOS and android apps with common React-Native code (Javascript based).

We will start with basic intro to React Native and why it matters for web and app developers? We will follow that up with coding simple “Hello World” apps to complex apps that interacts with native app code.


  1. Hello jsfoo
    React-native init hellojsfoo
    Let’s add some simple components
    Text input, Buttons, Alert / console.log

  2. Ios and android different components
    Checkbox (hint opensource libraries)

  3. List view with images

  4. Multiple screens (called as scenes in react native)
    Navigation to Detail Screen

  5. Call to Android Native and adb log

The basic solutions to the challenges are in the github: https://github.com/bschandramohan/ReactNativeWorkshop/ with branches Ex1, Ex2 ... Ex5 having specific code.


Participants should come with their laptop after installing the pre-requisites for React Native:

Speaker bio

Chandra Mohan is a software engineer with 15 years of experience, currently working on architecting mobile apps.




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