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Cherry G. Mathew


# Decant - if you can't decant, distill it.

Submitted Aug 9, 2016


Decant is a javascript environment for Android.

It is built on top of Rhino

Its primary purpose is to provide programming access to the notification framework of Android.

Our current usecase focus is bespoke filtering of notifications.



  • The notification mechanism is the single unifying incoming datasource across all mobile platforms and applications.
  • It is very under-utilised, and often times ignored as an interesting data source.
  • The average mobile user has to deal with the cognitive overload from large numbers of notifications.
  • There’s a sub-space of apps that help users deal with this.
  • They help to organise and sort/parse through these notifications.
  • This set of apps is highly fragmented and many are opaque to scrutiny or improvement.
  • Decant is a start, to help javascript developers easily create programs to parse them at will
  • The framework is simple, yet powerful - via plugins.
  • Plugins can be fullblown platform applications with UI - eg: enhancing information from FB/Twitter/github notifications.
  • We present the most fundamental case of the notifications usecase - SMS spam in India


Android phone (kitkat+) and/or Android Development Environment installed on a computer.

Speaker bio

I am self-employed at the moment. I fund myself by writing documentation for C api’s, systems programming, and other miscellaneous work. I’m competent in C programming and computer architecture among other things.

You can find more about me here




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