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Prasath K


Creating Reusable Components using Angular 2

Submitted Aug 14, 2016

In Angular 1, we used Controllers, Directives and Scope to build DOM elements and add some logic behind to it. Angular 2 drops all of this for a much cleaner, more object-oriented component model.

This talk is about creating reusable components using Angular 2 and how to share information between components using Input and Output. The audience can be anyone who are interested in developing Angular 2 applications or who want to build open source utility components for Angular 2 applications.


The idea of the talk is to build a complex application in a modularized way so that the same component or module can be used in different places.I will cover the following things.

Difference between Component and Directive decorator.
Explain some of the key properties of ComponentMetaData.
Creating an utility component (Multi select list box).

Speaker bio

I am Prasath, A JavaScript Developer working in a hot startup CloudCherry. I have 3 years of work experience in JavaScript, d3.js, Angular 1 and 2


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