JSFoo 2016

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Vinit Jain


Creating Complex Web App using React & Redux

Submitted Aug 14, 2016

This talk will focus on my experience of creating a complex webapp used within our organization using redux as store management and react as view layer.
React is JS Library for building user interfaces via small resuable components but it doesn’t specify how to keep track of application data which keeps on growing.
Redux: A complimentary library to react whick keeps track of app data using events as actions.


1) Introduction to React/Redux.
2) How and what state is managed by redux and react respectively.
3) Myntra Campaign Management web app created using redux/react and talk about learnings from building it.
4) Pros/Cons of using Redux.

Insights to audience: Audience will get to know what are the best practices to use redux while creating any webapp and what are challenges we face while porting it to redux.


Intermediate level expertise in Javascript

Speaker bio

I am Vinit Jain, having 5 years of experience in different web technologies which includes YUI, HTML, NodeJS, React, Redux, ImmutableJS, Webpack etc. I am currently working as Senior Software Engineer in Myntra. Prior to Myntra i worked in Yahoo

More on my work experience can be found here - https://www.linkedin.com/in/vinit-jain-9239144b




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