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Abhishek Srivastava


Explain how flux work and how to get started with it. Understanding data flow with Flux. Setting up basic environment and simulate receiving data from a REST API.actively used across many web application should be and actively used across many web applications.


There are times when MVC does not scale according to need so an alternative Flux. Developed by Facebook and actively used across many web applications.At its core the main concept in Flux is a directed loop, a uni-directional data flow where events and data always proceeds in the same direction. This makes everything “easier to manage as it gets more complex” and removes a lot of ambiguities on the relation of the various components.

Speaker bio

Working as Frontend lead in Glydel Tech. , always exporing new ways to optimize web application. I work majorly on web dev (Responsive Design mostly using Bootstrap, JS, jQuery, HTML/CSS3, Node). Delivered few talks on Basics of Linux in different colleges across India including IIT Kanpur (little long back though).

I can be reached on

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/pub/abhishek-srivastava/10/b56/b0a
Twitter : https://twitter.com/CoderAbhi

I do blog but not a regular one, you can check it at http://blog.pagalhost.com