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Himanshu Kapoor


Native Programming using Spidermonkey JSAPI

Submitted Jul 25, 2015

JavaScript is everywhere, and Mozilla’s Spidermonkey JSAPI opens a whole realm of possibilities. It lets you write low level C code that interfaces with your JavaScript application. This gives you, the application developer, a best-of-both-worlds situation for building high performance applications that also make use of the flexibility of JavaScript.

Cocos2d-JS is the best example of an application that makes use of the Spidermonkey JSAPI. It is a game engine that lets you write your game logic in JavaScript, whereas the low level core framework that interfaces with OpenGL is written in C++ using the JSAPI.


In this talk, I aim to introduce the Spidermonkey JSAPI to the audience, and how it can be embedded inside your application. This will not be a tutorial, but more of a hand-holding exercise to encourage and motivate the audience to go back home and try it out.

The talk will begin with an introduction of the JSAPI methods and how it compares to writing JavaScript. Then I will move on to example scenarios where the JSAPI can be used and popular implementations that use it. One obvious usage of the JSAPI is in the Mozilla Firefox browser. The other one is the Cocos2d-JS game engine.

Finally, the talk will conclude with takeaways for the audience, including comparisons with other cross platform native application development solutions.


The audience should have a basic understanding of C and JavaScript.

Speaker bio

My name is Himanshu and I’m a front-end developer at Wingify. I’m also a mobile game developer part time. I have experience with developing both native applications (games) and mobile web applications, and can present the best of both worlds to the listeners.


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